Swift and Scorching: Embracing the Efficiency of the Rapid Heating Hob

Swift and Scorching: Embracing the Efficiency of the Rapid Heating Hob

The quickest to heat up, these hobs are also quick to cool down and easy to clean. The cooking zones have a flat surface with no angles or protuberances making them very simple to wipe down.

Some models have a boost function to generate intense power for short periods of time, ideal for searing meat or getting water to boil quickly. They come with handy safety features like residual heat indicators and a time limit security system.

Smooth cooking surface

There are many different styles of hobs on the market and it’s important to choose one that will suit your needs and home. The most popular style is the gas hob, offering immediate heat and precision control over the size of the flame. However, it may not be as easy to clean as the other options.

Induction hobs are increasingly popular as they provide energy efficiency and quick heat up times. They operate by heating induction-friendly pans directly via a copper coil beneath the surface of the zone. This ensures that only the exact amount of energy required is used, avoiding any wastage. The cooking surface itself cools quickly once the pan is removed, reducing the risk of burns.

Another option is an electric ceramic hob, with individual zones that heat up quickly and easily on the tough glass surface. These are also easy to keep clean as there is only one flat surface. These are available in rotary or touch control options and have the benefit of residual heat indicators, warning you that a plate is hot even after switching off. This feature is a handy safety measure for households with children. Alternatively, some hobs offer a bridge zone that allows you to combine two zones for use with larger pan sizes.

Temperature memory function

The Temperature memory function saves the settings used for your favourite dishes, so you can cook them to perfection every time. With the press of a button you can restore previous cooking temperatures, saving you valuable time and effort.

Induction hobs use electromagnetic induction to directly heat the pan, so they are much faster and more energy efficient than gas models. They are also easy to clean as the smooth surface doesn’t need to be cleaned with a scraper, but simply wiped.

Almost all models have a safety feature that prevents you or small hands in the kitchen from altering or switching the hob on. These can range from residual heat indicators to power & time limiters.

For added peace of mind some models have a Stop & Go function, which reduces the power of all zones for more stable and calm cooking. This is particularly useful if you are interrupted and forget to switch the hob off. Then, when you return to your cooking it will be safely switched off. The function is available with electric ceramic, induction and halogen models. This can be combined with a child lock and automatic switch-off after boiling for extra protection.

Advanced heating technology

Induction hobs use an induction coil beneath the cooking zone which is activated only when an induction-friendly pan is placed over it, heating the contents of the pan directly. This means less energy is wasted on heating the hob surface and it also cools very quickly.

Electric ceramic hobs are very popular and come in a range of styles to suit your kitchen, from sleek black glass to stainless steel and with touch controls or dials. They heat up very quickly and are easy to clean. They work with any pan, but are more suitable for induction friendly cookware that has a magnetic base.

Solid plate electric hobs feature a heating element underneath the solid metal plate which heats up before it can heat the contents of your pan. They are not as quick off the mark as induction and can be noisy, plus they aren’t suitable for people with pacemakers because of the strong electromagnetic field that they create.

Falcon induction hobs are available with a number of advanced bep dien tu munchen features including automatic rapid heating to quickly bring your chosen cooking zone up to maximum power, bridge zones to combine two or more zones into one larger area for large cookware and Stop&Go, which reduces the power to all of your cooking zones when you have finished using them.

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